19th October, 2014

and-little-spooks-in-between asks:

OH my god I've been trying to make it through the first part of the prison fic for like 10 minutes. This is too perf. I can't friggin stop laughing. "They keep tasing me like it's supposed to hurt." Also, I will admit that I expected Soul to be in jail, not Maka, but god that made it 1000000x better. You're the best, Marsh xD




Ahahaha thanks so much! Gosh, a LOT of people expected Soul in jail! I was not expecting that at all, haha

'cause like, I mean Soul pretends to be the bad boy and whatever but that kid prior to Death City has GOT to be sheltered as hell. All the formal parties and etiquette classes and ballroom dancing lessons, like this guy probably knows the difference between twelve different kinds of forks and sits up straight in his chair out of habit so he has to think to purposely slouch and has to stay up late to look up shit on urban dictionary to keep up in conversation in class.

Any kind of reckless behavior he has I bet my left butt cheek he learned from Maka and Black Star. Because if anyone is going to get into trouble, it’s those two clowns, as growing up in Death City probably skews one’s perspective on appropriate courses of action. (Can’t win this fight? Alright infect me with madness and I’ll eat somebody’s head while giggling. WE’LL PROBABLY DIE LET’S GO. All my bones are broken? I’LL STAND WITH MY MUSCLES AND EAT LASERS, LEEEROOYYY)

(meanwhile Soul is like [‘these friggen death children i don’t even’] in his head while outside he’s like ‘y-YEAH LET’S CRAP ON THAT GRAVE AHAHA’ [‘what the flip’])

Ahahahahaha this headcannon is PERFECT

Seriously thought we all know Soul is a secret buttoned-up dork with an inferiority complex who puts on a massive front.

I AM TOO COOL TO BREATHE YOUR AIR oh god oh god I got a stain on my shirt oh god where’s my Tide pen

oops, i


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17th October, 2014

Hey guys! Sorry I kinda disappeared without any warning - I had to head out to work bright and early this morning and basically didn’t settle down until around 9 tonight. I didn’t realize how absent I’d been until now, haha.

I’m at AAC, Another Anime Con, for the weekend. But I’ll be checking in! Got some really sweet asks…I’ll answer ‘em later, but thank you so much <3