21st August, 2014

Anonymous asks:

MARSH. YOU ARE MY QUEEN. SERIOUSLY. I read Amp for the fifth time (i know shhh) and i just asdfghjkl;. HOW DOES ONE PACE ROMANCE??? I need advice!



hold off the porn as long as you physically can until you think the entire fandom will murder you

alternatively, try to remember what it’s like having a crush in highschool and write all the sordid details involving internal struggles, derpy daydreams, accidental turn-ons, and really awkward conversations with crush.

then shove the characters together in weird ways that make them touch (platonically) and make them have real conversations and misunderstandings like normal people until you make them the otp of the readers even though they were already the otp of the readers

or all of the above.


(via Cut all ties with reality)